Author/Book Marketing Design



Fancy your own author logo? Or maybe for your publishing business, or even for a fictional organisation within your story.


Logo design is priced at £25. Email for more info


Banner Design

Social media plays a huge part in all of our lives and is the first port of call for many, if not all, for promoting their books to friends, family, followers and fans. I can create  digital banner to display your book/s.

I can create banners for posting or for profile header images.



Why not add animation to your banner (for post images only – not header images). I have a special add-on for animation by Morgan Wright. See store for details.

Bookmark Design

Bookmarks are a great way to market your book. Allow me to design you a bookmark based on your book cover design.

When you have found a suitable printer that can print bookmarks, be sure to check their design requirements and inform us of the size and shape and the print bleed measurements for the printer you have chosen.

One sided design: £15 

Two-sided design: £25


Author Branding & Marketing Toolkit

With this all inclusive author branding and marketing toolkit you have everything you need to make a mark for for your author career.

Included in this package:

  • Double-sided business card design
  • Double-sided bookmark design
  • Social media profile header image
  • Banner advert (social media banner)
  • Author Logo design
  • 1 x animated design (one of the above designs or your supplied ebook cover animated by Morgan Wright (@byMorganWright on Twitter)

This combined package would normally be over £100 if bought separately. Package offer for £75.



I have a special collaboration with Morgan Wright Animations and can offer a special Add-on to animate any of the designs you have had designed from me or wish to have created.

Animated book covers and banners attract more attention to your social media posts. Morgan has animated over 1,000 book covers for hundreds of authors. She is the best at what she does and is a delight to work with.

Special Add-on price £8.75


3D Book Mockups

The RUBY Package

Our most basic package.

Includes: 10 Mockups of your book cover.


The WHAM Package

Our more advanced package.


25 Mockups of your cover.2 GIF Mockups of your cover.


The STAR Package

Our best package.


40 Mockups of your cover.

4 GIF Mockups of your cover.

2 Animated Mockups (animation by Morgan Wright)


Animated Cover Display

This is a special design created specifically to show off your animated cover by Morgan Wright on social media.

The format is tailored so that your cover can be seen fully on social media such as Twitter (covers, static ones especially, posted on Twitter are often cut off at the top and bottom unless you click on them to open fully. This special format and design, however, ensures that your cover can be seen fully when you post). 

**This is an add-on service. You must have already purchased one of Morgan’s cover animation packages or else purchase one of those packages in conjunction with this Animated Cover Display package to be able to have this.

**You must provide us with your animated cover and your static cover.

**Only covers animated by Morgan Wright are eligible.


Animated Cover ADS – Story Teasers

Tantalize the reader to find out more about your book with these special story teaser ads featuring your animated cover & a story teaser or reader’s review!!

This package includes 3 different ads with different text (either a different story teaser or review) for you to use on social media.

You can choose to feature:

  • Your animated cover on your static cover background (as shown in the example of “She Cried Wolf”- static means the non-animated, non-moving version of your cover).

  • Your static cover on your animated cover background (the reverse of the example shown here).

  • Or your animated cover on your animated cover background.


Social Media Headers & Banners with animation

Headers & banners designed according to your vision by DC Cover Creations & animated by Morgan Wright. 

Difference between banners & headers: Banners are for social media marketing (these can be posted on your social media feed in posts indefinitely). Headers are meant for author branding & placed on your social media profile page.


  • Facebook Headers/Banners: £25 per header/banner.

  • Twitter Banner: £25 per banner.

  • Twitter Header: £15.49 per header (no animation**).